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Resource Management

Birds enjoying the Mora River / USFWSThe management priorities of the refuge are to re-establish the vegetation along the Rio Mora and limit the invasion of piñon and juniper trees into the grasslands.

Restoration of the river habitat includes supporting and maintaining ecological processes that ensure suitable breeding habitat for the southwestern willow flycatcher and other species found along the river system. To protect and restore the natural ecological functions, the refuge will utilize a variety of tools that could include manual clearing, prescribed burning or grazing.

Migratory birds that utilize the river habitat, shortgrass prairie and piñon-juniper woodlands are the focal points of the conservation and restoration priorities. Therefore, monitoring of wildlife populations will be conducted in cooperation with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, educational institutions, other governmental agencies, and private groups able to conduct surveys or research compatible with the wildlife-conservation mission of the refuge.

Another management priority is to highlight the Wind River Ranch’s successful restoration efforts within the Mora River watershed. This will be done by providing technical assistance and demonstration to other landowners and through outreach events such as workshops on habitat improvement or informing landowners of the many cost-share programs available for restoration.
Page Photo Credits — Birds enjoying the Mora River / USFWS
Last Updated: Sep 22, 2013
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