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At Ridgefield, the waterfowl hunt program is operated in a manner that is consistent and compatible with the purposes and goals of the Refuge and provides a quality experience for the hunter. This program contributes to the continuation of America's traditions and heritage in wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation.

  • Waterfowl Reservation Applications Now Available

    Hunting reservations are not required but do allow you to check into hunt blinds before other hunters during the morning blind assignments.  15 reservations are assigned per hunt day.  Hunters who apply are chosen through a randomization process.  Hunters can apply for up to 30 reservation dates at $1 per date. Applications are due by 3:30 on September 16th.  

    See below for complete instructions before filling out the application.

    Read these instructions FIRST before filling out the application below.  

    2016/17 Waterfowl Hunt Reservation Application

  • Fall Orientation and Volunteer Day

    Stay tuned for our Orientation and Blind Prep Day in September.  Volunteers will work to get the hunt blinds and area prepped for the season.  Those interested in getting to know the program will also get the chance to chat with staff and explore the individual blinds.  Date to be determined.

  • Hunting Schedule

    Regular hunting days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays during the state waterfowl hunt season. Exceptions include any Federal holidays falling on those days. There are no early or late season dates open on the refuge.

    This year the Youth Hunt will be held on October 29th.  Click here to learn how to apply.    

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  • Hunting Regulations

    Waterfowl hunting is permitted on approximately 760 acres of spaced blind hunting area on Ridgefield NWR in accordance with State and Federal regulations and Refuge specific conditions. On this website, you will find detailed information about hunting on the Refuge.

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  • Hunting Fees

    Daily fees are collected at the check station at the time of check-in.  Cash and checks are accepted and exact change is always appreciated.  Season passes and duck stamps are available at the check station and in the Refuge office.  Federal senior and disabled passes are available ONLY in the Refuge office.

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  • Harvest Reports

    Refer here for links to the weekly harvest reports of waterfowl by blind. A brief summary of this information is also updated at the hunter hotline at (360) 571-2015. This information will also be posted at the check station to assist in blind selection prior to the morning blind assignment.

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  • Avian Influenza

    Again, this season Ridgefield NWR is participating in a multi-agency monitoring program for avian influenza in migratory waterfowl. Refuge personnel may swab the cloaca of harvested waterfowl for cultures for laboratory analysis. The Refuge asks your cooperation in gathering these cultures for avian influenza testing.  Information on Avian Influenza from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2016
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