Oaks to Wetlands Trail

Two miles of trail through Oak, Cedar, and Wetlands.
Oak Overlook - Mesha Wood - USFWS_520x289

Viewing opportunities change significantly with the seasons. Wintering waterfowl, particularly swans, can be observed in multiple locations. Early spring is excellent for wildflowers and migrating songbirds. Summers activities at the Plankhouse offer visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the natural and cultural history of the Refuge.

The trail is graced by many magnificent Oregon white oaks that have weathered the centuries. A recent restoration project pulled out many coniferous trees that were shading out the oaks.  If you have not walked this trail in some time, come enjoy seeing this important habitat become healthier while staff and partners continue to improve the trail system. This trail was recognized as a National Recreation Trail in 2005 by the Department of Interior.

*Closed weekly on Thursdays only

Learn more about guided hikes on the Oaks to Wetlands Trail. 

Facts About Oaks to Wetlands Trail

Northern portion reopens August 10th.

Open year-round during daylight hours.

Closed weekly on Thursdays for maintenance.

Much of the trail is lined with magnificent Oregon white oaks.