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Volunteers work on many different projects throughout the year and can start at anytime.  Review the list of opportunities below and then contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Josie Finley for more information at 360-887-4106 or

  • Habitat Restoration

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    During the summer volunteers help to conserve and restore wetlands by removing invasive plants that threaten to take over important habitat.  In the fall and winter months the focus is on adding habitat through native plantings and maintenance to restoration sites.  Volunteers get to see the most beautiful places on the refuge while helping to ensure that native wildlife have food and shelter  

    See Our Summer 2016 Schedule

    Or contact the current crew leader at

  • Interpretation

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    Over 120,000 visitors flock to the refuge annually to enjoy nature through participation in wildlife observation, photography, environmental education, cultural interpretation, hunting, and fishing. Volunteers help to make their experiences meaningful.  They do this by interacting with visitors at the Visitor Contact Station, on the Auto Tour Route, and on refuge trails.

    For more information and to sign up contact Josie Finley at 360-887-4106 or email

  • Plankhouse

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    The Plankhouse is staffed by volunteer docents on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 4pm, April to October. With out these volunteers, visitors miss out on this amazing educational experience. Docent training is held in the spring, however volunteers can start anytime, getting individual training through direct instruction and shadowing of other volunteers. 

    For more information and to sign up contact Sarah Hill at 360-887-4106 or email

  • Education

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    Volunteers facilitate youth learning and inspiration on refuge trails and in the Plankhouse through their own interest and enthusiasm. The demand for this free and diverse program is going up every year and it is only sustainable with the participation of the many dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers.

    For more information and to sign up contact Josie Finley at 360-887-4106 or email

  • Other Projects

    Canada goose - Complex Thumb Pierce

    There are many projects just waiting for someone with the right skills and enthusiasm to make dreams a reality.  Check in with refuge staff to see how you can apply your unique skills to helping make refuge programs better and more effective.

  • Webinars

    Our main goal is to ensure that volunteering at your local wildlife refuge is a safe and rewarding experience for everyone involved.  Webinars are a convenient and simple way to get information to you about volunteer and visitor opportunities as well as the policies that we all must follow to make sure things go smoothly.  

    The following webinars can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection.  These are recorded, so you will not have the ability to call in or use the chat box to interact with the presenters.  Please ignore the instructions on the webinar explaining these interactive features.   

    All long-term volunteers must view the following webinars.  These are to inform you about Refuge programs and volunteer policies.  Please notify your project supervisor when you have completed these. 

    1) Intro to the Refuge Complex (coming soon)

    2) Intro to the Volunteer Program

    3) Intro to Indigenous Culture along the Lower Columbia River  

    *This webinar comes with the following important attachments.  Please view or download the following before watching Intro to Culture webinar:   

    • Read First: Forward to the Cultural Webinar (One Page PDF)
    • There was a glitch in the recording of this webinar and the slides do not advance as they should.  While you listen to Sarah Hill's presentation view the following PowerPoint in PDF version (10 page PDF).  
    4) Being Safe and Welcoming (coming soon)
  • Forms

    Volunteer Services Agreement: All volunteers must sign a Volunteer Services Agreement before starting to volunteer.  Please print, fill out, and sign this form and bring it with you for your first day.  

    Volunteer Timesheet: Use this to keep track of your volunteer hours.  Your hours mean resources for the refuge through grant applications and special reporting. 

    Volunteer Manual: If you are volunteering on the Refuge for an extended period of time it is important that you understand the program and our volunteer policies.  This manual gives you background and useful information for working on the refuge as well as what to do in emergency situations.   


Page Photo Credits — Kids with Binos - ©Meghan Kearney - USFWS
Last Updated: Jun 20, 2016
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