Any persons who are participating in hunting and fishing on the Reelfoot or Lake Isom NWR are required to have a signed permit on them at all times.  This permit also serves as our Reelfoot & Lake Isom Public Use Regulations brochure, and can be printed, obtained at our Visitor Center, or may be found at our kiosks at Lake Isom, the Grassy Island unit and our Long Point unit.

Applicable licenses are required.


Quota hunt permits are issued separately.  The Reelfoot NWR hosts three quota hunts.  The Deer Quota Hunt is held during the month of November, along with the Youth Deer Quota Hunt which is held in October, and applications for both are collected during the month of July.  The Turkey Quota Hunt is held during the month of April, and applications are collected during the month of January.  If you are drawn for a quota hunt, then you will receive a notification by mail and will be asked to provide payment for your quota hunt permit.  


It is the hunter's responsibility to comply with all Regulations contained in our Reelfoot and Lake Isom NWR Public Use Regulations brochure, the 50 CFR Regulations, and State Regulations.


Special Use Permits are given to individuals or groups at the discretion of the Refuge Manager.