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When you arrive at the Reelfoot NWR, you may have a few questions.  What animals will I see?  Where can I go to find birds?  Where is the lake?  Do you have a map?  Can I hunt here?  Here are a few brochures you may find helpful upon arrival!

  • Reelfoot and Lake Isom Public Use Regulations Brochure

    Our Public Use Regulations Brochure gives information regarding hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities you may be interested in on the refuge.  This brochure informs you on a few things that are prohibited on the refuge as well.

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  • Reelfoot NWR General Brochure

    Reelfoot NWR is a very interesting and unique place.  This brochure informs you about the history of the refuge, what you can expect from season to season, provides a map and more information you may find useful or interesting!

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  • Reelfoot NWR Bird List

    If you are an avid, or beginner birder, you will want to grab this brochure.  A listing of all birds you may see, as well as what time of year you may find them, is provided in this brochure.  

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