Nature Cameras

Nature cameras and trail cameras provide people with a way to view wildlife remotely and without disturbing wild animals.  Here at the Refuge, refuge management uses trail cameras to document movement of invasive wild hogs and other wildlife.  Other cameras, like the Lake Caroline cam and the Nest Box cam provide visitors a view Lake Caroline, view the inside of a large nest box (bird house), and check on the sky (weather) conditions at the refuge.

These cameras are brought to you thanks to the generous donations from: The Friends of the Red River National Wildlife Refuge, David Neils, Kevin Hunter, Google's Nest Labs, Bloomsky Inc, and Exodus Stored Energy.

Note: If you have trouble viewing these camera feeds, please try a different browser.  Some people find that these camera feeds do not work in Internet Explorer.

Click here for Lake Caroline Cam (Live Feed)


Provides a view of Lake Caroline, the oxbow lake found at the headquarters unit of the refuge.  If you're lucky you might see a heron or an egret wading in the water or maybe see a fisherman trying his or her luck on the water.  Check out a few of these recorded clips below!

Flock of birds in fog

Summer clouds

Thunderstorm at night

Rain at night



Click here for Nest Box Cam (Live Feed)

Squirrel_250x135 NestBoxCam_250x141 BBWhistling_250x121

Provides a view inside a large nest box.  Different birds (and mammals) prefer different sized nest cavities.  During nesting season you might catch a glimpse of an animal in the nest box!

Check out these links showing the black-bellied whistling ducks that are nesting in the box in Spring 2019!


 April 22 Duck Footage - Duck bill 

April 23, Duck Footage - egg turning and departure

April 26 Duck Footage - another duck tries to take over nest box

April 26, Duck Footage - checking eggs and removing competitor's egg



 Check out these links showing the squirrels that nested in the box during Winter 2019!

January 11 Squirrel Footage

January 13 Squirrel Footage

January 22 Squirrel Footage

February 14 Squirrel Footage

February 19 Squirrel Footage

March 12 Squirrel Footage

March 13 Squirrel Footage

March 17 Squirrel Footage

March 17 Squirrel Footage (exit)

Check out some of these links showing the Eastern Screech Owl that visited the box during Winter 2018!

October 27, 2017 Owl Footage

December 27, 2017 Owl Footage

December 29, 2017 Owl Footage

January 9, 2018 Owl Footage

January 28, 2018 Owl Footage

January 28, 2018 Owl Footage

February 11, 2018 Owl Footage

  Click here for Snake Cam (Live Feed) 


Provides an up-close view of a Corn Snake (a type of red rat snake) that the refuge sometimes uses for outreach programming.

 Click here for Weather Cam (sky photos and air temperature)


Provides access to time lapse images of the sky at the refuge as well as the local air temperature at the refuge.  For the most up-to-date data and photos, download the free BloomSky mobile app and make the refuge weather station your "favorite".