Peterson Waterfowl Production Area

in Gosper County
520x222 Elly - Peterson - Cottonwood - Linder Vicinity Maps

Peterson was purchased in 1965 from seven separate landowners. Located on the western edge of the District, it receives lower amounts of rainfall. The wetland is seasonal at best but does contain moist soil vegetation in the basin. 

Recent Management: Extensive tree removal has been done on the property to create open, grassland conditions. Prescribed fire and grazing are commonly used as management tools, with only portions of the property burned or grazed in a particular year. Restoration work associated with hydrology has included filling three pits located on the property and improving runoff delivery from the northern portion of the watershed.

Our office worked with the Gosper County Road Department, Tri-Basin NRD and neighboring landowners to clean out and improve the waterway entering the wetland from the north. The Road Department removed sediment from the waterway and used it buildup the north-south county road running through the property. The remaining material was used to fill a portion of a concentration pit on the WPA. The large trees in the road right-of-way were removed and burned.

Facts About Peterson Waterfowl Production Area

Location: 1 mile west, 2 miles south of Bertrand, Nebraska

Size: 1112 acres; 485 acres of wetland, 627 acres of upland

GPS: N 40.481, W -99.657

PDF Map: Peterson WPA