Mallard Haven Waterfowl Production Area

in Fillmore County
520x222 Mallard Haven - Krause - Hansen - Eckhardt - Green Acres  Vicinity Maps

Mallard Haven is one of our larger Waterfowl Production Areas. Because it is located in the easternmost area of the Rainwater Basin it is usually one of the wetter wetlands. The drought conditions in the recent years has kept the wetland dry during migration. The large size of the wetland and high fuel cost has limited our pumping to the smaller wetland located in the southern portion of the property.

Recent management: A lead shot study, conducted in 1998, showed high concentrations of lead shot in the soil. The wetland bottom was disked in 1999 to bury the lead shot deeper into the soil. A monotypic stand of river bulrush covered the area prior to disking. After disking, the downed vegetation was burned, leaving bare soil. About 12 inches of water was pumped onto the area during fall pumping. The wetland was pumped again in the spring of 2000. As the surface water receded, some of the largest concentrations of shorebirds recorded in Nebraska were documented at the site. By summer, the wetland was covered with wild millet and annual smartweed. In October, 2000, the wetland was disked again to address the lead shot problem.

In 2002, a permanent, barbwire fence was constructed around the property. Livestock grazing is being used to reduce the dense stand of Reed canarygrass and bulrush on the property. A large, privately owned portion of the wetland makes it difficult to graze the wetland basin.

Two pumping facilities exist on the property. Both wells have been replaced within the last five year. The first was replaced in 2003 and the second in 2007. The second well had a submersible electric pump installed. The submersible pump requires less maintenance; giving us more flexibility in the time and frequency it can be used. The pumping capacity of the submersible is about 1600 gallons per minute; costing less than $100 per day to pump (2007 electrical rates).

In 2003, with the help of Ducks Unlimited and funding from the North American Wetland Conservation program, a water delivery pipeline was installed from the existing well to the edge of the wetland. Prior to the pipeline being installed, all water pumped to the wetland had to pass through an open ditch, causing considerable water loss before reaching the wetland. The pipeline has increased our water utilization dramatically.

In 2004, Ducks Unlimited purchased 160 acres of land immediately west of the north part of the WPA. Their property contains the remaining portion of a wetland not owned by us. In 2008, the property was sold to the Fish and Wildlife Service. Prior to selling the property to the Service, the wetland portion had sediment removed and the upland was re-seeded to a high diversity grassland mix.

Facts About Mallard Haven Waterfowl Production Area

Location: 2 miles north of Shickley, Nebraska

Size: 1087 acres: 633 acres of wetland, 454 acres of upland

GPS: N 40.444, W -97.735

PDF Map: Mallard Haven WPA