Hansen Waterfowl Production Area

in Clay County
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Recent Management:  The first 160 acres of this property was purchased in 1964. The wetland is split by a mile long dike separating the south half from the parcel owned by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The dike is deteriorated and limits the amount of pumping that can be done without approval from neighboring landowner.

Reed canarygrass dominated the wetland basin providing limited benefit to waterfowl. Beginning about 7 years ago, extensive wetland grazing has kept the reed canarygrass short. After two years of heavy grazing, the basin was filled from a heavy rain event. The wetland remained flooded long enough to flood out the canarygrass. Currently, the wetland contains a good diversity of native aquatic plants. The amount of water that has to be pumped to provide waterfowl habitat has dropped dramatically with the change in vegetation.

With the help of Ducks Unlimited and funding from the North American Wetland Conservation program, a water delivery pipeline was installed from the existing well to the edge of the wetland. Prior to the pipeline being installed, all water pumped to the wetland had to pass through an open ditch, causing considerable water loss before reaching the wetland. The pipeline has increased our water utilization dramatically.

In 2008 Ducks Unlimited was able to purchase the south half of the section. That area contained the other half of the wetland. In the fall of 2009, the Fish and Wildlife Service purchased the 160 acre property from them. In 2010 the new property was farmed in preparation for reseeding the upland back to a high diversity seeding. By 2012 all restoration work was completed including the removal of an abandoned farmsite, removal of all the trees, restoring a drained 90 acre wetland, removal of the dike that divided the main wetland, filling several concentration reuse pits both on and off the WPA, and reseeding the upland.

Facts About Hansen Waterfowl Production Area

Location: 10 miles east and 5 miles south of Clay Center, Nebraska

Size: 640 acres: 365 acres of wetland, 275 acres of upland

GPS: N 40.452, W -97.862

PDF Map: Hansen WPA