Cottonwood Waterfowl Production Area

in Phelps County
520x222 Cottonwood - Victor Lakes - Linder Vicinity Maps

Recent Management:  The eastern half has been publicly owned for many years while the other half has been in private ownership.  In 2000, the private portion of the wetland was sold to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Restoration work included the removal of the fence line/dike between the two halves, and reseeding the cultivated area back to native grasses.  Reseeding was done in stages over three years.  The final cropland area was reseeded during the winter of 2003-2004.

Approval was received from Phelps County to remove a dirt road that was impassable and dissected the wetland.  Two pits were filled and some silt was removed from the wetland.  Scattered volunteer trees were removed from the eastern portion of the property.  An underground pipeline was buried extending from a well on the west portion of the property to the wetland.  The pipeline allows the well to be used to deliver water directly to the wetland.  A submersible pump was installed in 2005 to replace the old diesel engine.

In 2004, Phelps County Road Department replaced a box culvert on the road north of the property.  The old culvert had silted in, along with ditch that delivered water from the northern portion of the watershed.  The new waterway that delivered runoff to the wetland was widened and graded. 

Facts About Cottonwood Waterfowl Production Area

Location: 1 mile north and 2 miles east of Bertrand, Nebraska

Size: 560 acres; 201 acres of wetland, 359 acres of upland

GPS: N 40.540, W -99.583

PDF Map: Cottonwood WPA