Friends Group

Refuge volunteers

The purpose of the Friends of Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge:

  • Support acquisition funding  
  • Assist in pursuit of acquisitions  
  • Increase public awareness of needs and benefits of the refuge  
  • Provide refuge division monitoring  
  • Comment on activities which affect the refuge  
  • Identify other similar areas which warrant refuge type protection  
  • Assist with refuge projects as they arise  
  • Identify means and location(s) for educational/visitor center  

The Friends of Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge has been effective in extending the management capacity of the refuge by serving as our eyes and ears of the refuge. The refuge is comprised of 11 divisions located in eleven towns spanning 50 miles in southern coastal Maine. Rachel Carson NWR has more neighbors than any other refuge in the country and does not have capacity to respond to every report, infraction or request for information. The Friends directly benefit the refuge by increasing its ability to accomplish its mission and benefit the 11 communities by providing an avenue for bring important information to the attention of the refuge or other appropriate agency.


To join or just learn more: Contact President Bill Durkin at 207-283-0925