Friends of Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Refuge volunteers

The Friends of Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is a non-profit organization with the goal of supporting the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in its mission to preserve land for migratory birds and local wildlife. 

Although the Friends group has been an integral part of land protection projects since 1990 (read more), we have just recently regained our 501(c)3 status and wish to re-energize the group.

In 2019, the Friends’ are recruiting board members to serve as robust leadership for the organization. Going forward, the Friends group will support our favorite National Wildlife Refuge by pursuing land acquisitions for the refuge, increasing community awareness about the Refuge and wildlife conservation, and supplementing refuge operations through fund raising and volunteering. Do you ave any ideas about how you would like to support Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge? Let us know!

If you would be interested in volunteering for the group or learning more about becoming a Board member, please e-mail Katrina Amaral at