Seasons of Wildlife

  • Spring

    Flock of Black-necked Stilts roosting in marsh

    Quivira is a premier site to view shorebirds in the interior United States.  As early as February, shorebirds start appearing in Quivira's wetlands on their northward migration.  By May, thousands of shorebirds put on a spectacular display, especially around the Big Salt Marsh area.  Over 35 species have been recorded at Quivira.

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  • Summer

    Great and Snowy egrets roosting in wetland

    Here in central Kansas, many visitors are surprised and delighted to discover that Quivira attracts large numbers of herons and egrets each summer.  The Refuge's wetlands attract these large, often colorful, long-legged waders.  Quite often several species can be observed together. 

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  • Fall

    Hundreds of dark and light geese in flight

    Originally created as a refuge for migratory waterfowl, Quivira abounds with ducks and geese most of the year.  The fall, however, can be the most spectacular season, with geese and ducks numbering in the hundreds of thousands at their peak in November.

  • Winter

    White-tailed Deer doe with snow on its face

    Winter is the best time to view White-tailed Deer.  There are several hundred at Quivira, and during cooler days and/or near dusk, dozens can easily be viewed around the Refuge.