North American Migration Count

May 12, 2018
Mississippi Kite perched on a branch Saturday, May 12, 2018.  Count birds at Quivira and Stafford County.  Guided bird walks and tours, as well as bird-oriented activities for the whole family, are planned for this event in 2018.  Also an opportunity for bird enthusiasts to find and report birds to the Quivira staff.

How to attend:

This is a step-in, step-out event for birders of all interest and skill levels - in short for everyone in the family!  A county-wide event, come to Quivira and count birds either at the Refuge or anywhere in the county.  This is free of charge.  Check with staff for information about tours, guided walks, and other activities planned.  There is no requirement on level of expertise, and you can bird for as long as you wish during the day. There will be a lot to see: in previous years, over 150 species of birds were recorded in the county - just in one day!
Call us at 620-486-2393 to for more information.

Date:  Saturday, May 12, 2018

Time:  Birds can be counted and reported any time during the day, or all day.  Organized events are planned, and will be posted here later.

If you want to bird on your own, contact Quivira and turn in your sightings.  Please contact Quivira at 620-486-2393 to see if there are any guided groups scheduled to be out birding at the Refuge.

Over 150 species can be found in the county in mid-May!