2020 White-tailed Deer Hunt

Two Deer

Presquile NWR offers white-tailed deer hunt permits as outlined below.

Hunt Dates 

Hunters may apply for any one of the four hunt days.

  • Shotgun: November 14, 21, 24 and December 5, 2020 

Hunt Permit Fees

A $20 hunt fee is charged to those selected for the quota hunt lottery. The fee covers permit costs for the selectee AND their one guest.

Refuge Regulations

All permitted hunters are subject to the refuge’s permit conditions.

2020 Hunting Permit Regulations for Presquile NWR

Application for Hunt Permits

Hunts provide hunters unique opportunities to access public lands that otherwise may be closed to hunting. At Presquile NWR (Series #209), hunters can participate only in random drawings to hunt white-tailed deer. To participate, hunters must apply pre-season and submit a non-refundable application fee. Applicants should be aware there is a risk that when applying. There is no guarantee that you will be selected for the hunt or hunt dates. Your application fee will not be returned.

Your application fee is used to process the application, conduct computer random hunter selections and for mailing or posting online hunter notifications. Application fees are $7.50 (if selected additional permit fees apply).

A hunter may apply through the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) website at GoOutdoorsVirginia.com. Online applicants should keep their confirmation number for future reference. If selected, your hunt complete materials will not be mailed to you until you have paid the permit fee(s).

Applications are no longer being accepted by mail or telephone.

Scouting on the Refuge

Scouting is permitted on Sunday, October 25, 2020, between 8am and 4pm. Notify the refuge of your intention to scout by contacting the office at 804-829-9020. Please include your name when leaving a message. Please note: Boat docking is only allowed at the western boat dock or along the banks of the interior creeks. No other docking locations are permitted.