Rules and Regulations

Ordnance detonation sign.

The refuge is not open to the public. Due to fragile habitats and safety concerns associated with its former use as a bombing range, public access is prohibited. Unauthorized entry is a federal offense and is punishable by fine and possibly imprisonment.

The 3,500-acre refuge extends to mean low water and in some areas beyond. Therefore, some navigable State waters are above refuge- owned bottoms. Disturbance of those bottoms are prohibited until determined otherwise. No anchoring or other bottom disturbing action is to occur in those areas.

In addition, some areas adjacent to the refuge have been determined by the US Army Corp of Engineers and the Virginia Marine Resources Commission to be Danger Zones. Danger Zones located along the south and southeast of the refuge extend from mean low tide to approximately 300 feet off shore. Large signs bound the area of designation. No disturbance of the bottom is to occur in these areas.