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Unexploded ordnance in the water.The refuge is not open to the public. Due to safety concerns associated with its former use as a bombing range, public access is prohibited. Unauthorized entry is a federal offense and is punishable by fine and possibly imprisonment.

Plum Tree Island National Wildlife Refuge is a salt marsh located in the Lower Chesapeake Bay. There are no roads, modern facilities, electric, potable water, phones, or mail service on the refuge. The bulk of the refuge is land formerly used as a bombing range. This expansive wetland refuge benefits shorebirds and other species native to these highly productive salt marsh habitats. In addition to the ecological benefits of the refuge, the site has a storied cultural history that includes American Indian use, expeditions tied to early European explorer John Smith, grazing/farm practices, and the birth of the aviation age in the military.

Due to safety concerns associated with past uses (bombs and contaminants), public access is prohibited.

Designation of a Temporary Danger Zone adjacent to Plum Tree Island National Wildlife Refuge (pdf)

Last Updated: Aug 02, 2016
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