Resource Management

Canada Geese and Ducklings - Michael Hersen

Because of Lena Pierce's love of the geese that took refuge on her land, this biologically rich land is now managed for a mosaic of habitat types and supports several rare and imperiled species of plants and animals.

Current habitat management emphasis on Pierce National Wildlife Refuge is directed towards wetland enhancement, grassland management for wintering geese, control of invasive plant species, and protection of native fish. Long-term management plans are to restore Columbia River riparian habitat and expand oak woodland communities while continuing to provide sufficient wintering habitat for Canada geese.

Endangered and threatened species receive management priority. The refuge plays a critical role in the recovery of chum salmon, western pond turtles, and Columbia watercress. Because of these fragile populations and the lack of public trails and roads through the refuge, it remains closed except for volunteer activity and occasional pre-scheduled birding tours. Stay tuned to the Pierce Home Page for these rare birding opportunities in the spring. To learn how to get involved in the recovery of this habitat go or to find out about special tours see the “Get Involved” page.