About the Refuge

Waiawa Unit

Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge, in close proximity to historic visitor attractions such as the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri, serves to protect some of the last remaining wetland areas on O‘ahu. While the units of this refuge are small, they are vital to endangered wildlife and sensitive habitats along O‘ahu’s coastal area.

Pearl Harbor NWR was established in 1972 as mitigation for construction of the Honolulu International Airport Reef Runway. The Honouliuli and Waiawa Units are managed under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Navy. The Kalaeloa Unit, once part of the former Barber's Point Naval Air Station, was established during military base closure proceedings in 2001 to protect native plants. Through these cooperative efforts with the Federal Aviation Administration, the State of Hawai‘i, and the U.S. Navy; the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made Pearl Harbor NWR a reality.