Get Involved


Volunteers are utilized in a variety of programs on the refuge. Contact Tracey Rock, Volunteer Coordinator, by email: or phone: 252-473-1132 Ext. 227 to discuss specific opportunities.

Interns are needed year-round and work full-time for, usually, at least 12 weeks in maintenance, biological, and educational programs, depending on what is needed during each season. The Red Wolf Recovery Program also has a caretaker intern year-round whose duties include feeding the captive colony, radio telemetry, and conducting public programs. Wolf interns must commit to a 3 month program. Resident Volunteers live on the refuge in their own RV and work as a volunteer for varying periods of time.

Some volunteer program areas include Volunteer from a Distance, Outreach, Public Use Programs (weekly programs throughout the summer as well as special programs for school groups at other times of the year), Trail and Sign Maintenance, Forestry/ Fire Management, Resource Management, and Office Assistant. Refuge policy dictate that volunteers who assist wherever needed will be considered first for the more "glamorous" biological activities.

There are no minimums for time commitment; however, the more time available, the more valuable and useful the volunteer! 

For more information about ways you can "get involved," visit Alligator River's "GET INVOLVED" pages.