Mimicking Whooper

Mimicking Whooper 2b  512 x 200

 “MIMICKING WHOOPER”, a permanent interactive exhibit, was acquired by Patuxent from Artist: Cathy C. Cook © 2016. Collaborators: Imaging Research Center @ UMBC.

Want to Run... Jump... Fly... Be a Whooper?

“Mimicking Whooper" is your chance. When identified by a sensor, you virtually become a Whooping Crane on the large screen!
Each bird mimics and reacts to your moves. Computer gaming software and animation is used to display this fun interaction.

It’s easy: Walk up to the screen and the crane responds to YOU…

Exhibit creator Cathy Cook explains:

Direct interaction with cranes is a rare experience reserved for those in wildlife management and crane conservation programs. However - when observing them in person I have a strong desire to mimick and communicate with them. That desire inspired me to create Mimicking Whooper.

Mimicking Whooper uses state of the art gaming software to provide an opportunity to virtually interact with these birds - to figuratively dance their dance.

This virtual interaction provides an engaging, fun and personalized glimpse into the magnificent world of crane behavior. The crane has approximately 30 communicative gestures and many distinct vocal forms.

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