• Events

    Event - Wildlife Festival

    Patuxent events are open to the public and FREE.

    (Some additional restrictions apply.)

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  • Public Programs

    Public Program Nature Tour

    Patuxent public programs are small-group interpretive activities conducted by staff and volunteers. The programs are designed for individuals and/or families. Some programs are "all ages". Some are intended for specific age ranges including groups as young as 18 months. Typically, registration is required. Programs are free. Get all the details and see the current program schedule.

  • Tram Tours

    Tram Tour

    Enjoy a half-hour guided tour through forest, meadows, and wetlands around the National Wildlife Visitor Center. The tram is a 12 passenger, all-electric, open-air vehicle which provides a unique type of access to the wildlife and their habitats at the Patuxent Research Refuge.

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