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Hollingsworth Art Gallery

Each month the Hollingsworth Art Gallery exhibits wildlife-themed art by local and by nationally-known artists. 

   February 2017 - Artist of the Month
Jim O'Leary
Jim O’Leary may well be staking a claim to February. We enjoyed his photography last year during this month. 
Jim is a senior scientist at the Maryland Science Center, where he has served and innovated for more than thirty years. O’Leary has planned, produced and designed the presentation of programs in the MSC’s Davis Planetarium and the Crosby Ramsey Memorial Planetarium. Seven of these have played in “more than 650 planetariums worldwide.” He gives talks and lectures to school groups and workshops for
Since his Massachusetts childhood, O’Leary has had a love of photography. He says that it flips a switch and transports us to another time and place – or captures and preserves a special moment or place forever. And O’Leary has photographed not only in Maryland from Wallops west, but special natural environments as far as Chile and Mongolia.  
His exhibit includes 20-24 images preserving those special places or moments. He focuses on the “majesty and diversity” of our natural world from the butterfly on a flower to the bird in flight, and enjoys sharing those “moments” with us.

And Don't Miss...
Unique and lovely Peruvian carvings of birds from semi-precious stones will be featured in our display cases. Fellow-countryman, Giancarlo Readi, who worked closely with an artistic family near Lima, and who designed some of the pieces, is making them available for us to enjoy.
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017
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