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Hollingsworth Art Gallery

Each month the Hollingsworth Art Gallery exhibits wildlife-themed art by local and by nationally-known artists. 

August 2016 - Artist of the Month
Janet Bradley

We welcome Janet Bradley to her first exhibit in the Hollingsworth Gallery.  In the early ‘40’s Grammatiny (a name adopted from grandchildspeak) spent her first six years in the mountains of Colorado – and the next two on an 800 acre farm with a private beach on Long Island (where her mother was employed).

Woods, hills and fields make up comfort zones you never get over and always long for. Bradley writes that without playmates nearby, she spent many hours walking in the woods, looking for birds. but she put nature and nature photography on hold until some twenty years ago when for a period, Bradley did some for arts and crafts shows.  Now though, as a retiree, she writes that she is “thoroughly addicted” to the craft.

She had exhibited, but stopped when her daughter could no longer help her with setting up. Her photos grace greeting cards – sold by the box and, in larger sizes, beautify her church. Bradley’s subjects include wildlife, “small critters,” butterflies and waterfowl as well as scenery. She is delighted that her hobby/business finances this avocation she loves.

September 2016 - Artist of the Month
Southern Comforters Quilting Guild of Bowie  
We last saw their work at Patuxent in October of 2014 and are delighted to welcome back the amazing Southern Comforters Quilting Guild of Bowie. Since 1982 this enthusiastic and dedicated group has grown from a few to more than 80 women who meet two times a month – the second and fourth Wednesday at CCPC, the Presbyterian Church on Belair Drive in Bowie. 

The guild includes “pros” and novices and welcomes drop-ins and newbies. At meetings, members conduct business and participate in activities like “show and tell,” block exchanges, quilt challenges and periodically have guest speakers.  They participate in demonstrations, retreats, workshops and shows. The major one is held at Samuel Ogle Middle School in midMarch. They create and donate charity quilts to many organizations like the Chapel Forge Early Childhood Center and to George Washington Hospital’s pediatric oncology unit. 

If you’ve visited Belair Mansion recently, you may have seen hanging on a large frame, the Guild’s “Governors’ Quilt” – with squares signed by the governors of all 50 states! Guild member, Evelyn Kirby describes another ambitious project. Under the direction of the former mansion museum director, Samantha Dorsey, members are working on a “reproduction” inspired by quilts from 1820. It was adapted and designed and is being worked on by guild members. We got a look at this lovely work-in-progress earlier this year at a mansion “tavern night.” We are lucky to have a showcase for artists, photographers and craftspeople that allow them to exhibit and us to enjoy. Summer at the Gallery will be lovely.
And Don't Miss... 
Unique and lovely Peruvian carvings of birds from semi-precious stones will be featured in our display cases. Fellow-countryman, Giancarlo Readi, who worked closely with an artistic family near Lima, and who designed some of the pieces, is making them available for us to enjoy.
Last Updated: Aug 23, 2016
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