Plan Your Visit

A large flock of red-winged blackbirds, their vivid red shoulder patches in evidence, fly across a field.  Photo by John and Karen Hollingsworth, USFWS

Please take advantage of the outstanding opportunities available for wildlife observation, photography, and fishing. Hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing are also permitted on the Refuge, but please be mindful of regulations and closed areas, and comply with all posted signs.

For details, please access the Public Use Opportunities pamphlet, which highlights activities, rules and regulations, and has a map of Pablo National Wildlife Refuge.

Weather Conditions:

The portion of the Mission Valley in which Pablo NWR is located has a microclimate usually characterized by relatively mild winter temperatures and little wind. Snow cover melts quickly at lower elevations. Summer temperatures seldom exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit and because of low humidity, nights can be fairly cool. Freezing conditions generally occur from late November through March.  Low precipitation along with summer thunderstorms can lead to naturally occurring wildfires.


Pablo National Wildlife Refuge is located within the boundaries of the Flathead Indian Reservation about 2 miles south of Polson, Montana and 75 miles north of Missoula. Turn west off Highway 93 at Light Road, then north (right) on Skyline Drive to reach the southeast entrance. Or turn west on Reservoir Road to reach the east and northwest entrances.
    GPS Coordinates to Pablo National Wildlife Refuge:
Southeast entrance – 47.626095, -114.134489
East entrance – 47.645657, -114.144316
Northwest entrance – 47.6493373, -114.170151

Local amenities

There are no amenities or facilities of any kind at Pablo NWR itself. However, the large town of Polson is located just 2 miles north along Highway 93 and has numerous amenities – gas, groceries, hardware stores, art galleries, museums. For detailed information, try the Polson Chamber of Commerce website.

The closest lodging and camping are also available at Polson. For an extensive list of state-wide accommodations, check out the official State Travel Site of Montana.

Inquiries can be directed to staff stationed at the National Bison Range at 406-644-2211 (full contact information can be found at this link).