National Wildlife Refuges work closely with other researchers, Universities and science-based organizations interested in supporting the agency’s wildlife conservation mission.

The following are some of the recent research projects conducted on the Ozark Plateau National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Habitat degradation and pollution due to agricultural and mining activities and development
  • Effects of pollution and run-off to cave fauna, including the threatened Ozark cavefish 
  • Ozark big-eared bat habitat requirements and response to climate change and White Nose Syndrome
  • Response of endangered gray bats to fire, climate change and White Nose Syndrome
  • Plant survey of refuge lands in Adair, Delaware, Cherokee, and Ottawa counties 
  • Ozark salamander species climate change stress evaluation
  • Ozark big-eared bat conservation genetics
  • Baseline population data on non-listed bats in eastern Oklahoma
  • Infrared videography to determine cave use by the Ozark big-eared bat 
  • Bat acoustics to determine habitat preferences and changes in population due to White Nose Syndrome

For more information on this and other research opportunities, please contact the refuge.