For Educators


 The refuge’s environmental education programs are designed to take advantage of nature's classroom.

Free Environmental Education Programs and Events
Refuge-led environmental education programs are free for school groups, Girl and Boy Scout Troops, Audubon groups, outdoor clubs, collegiate groups and any other educational organizations interested in learning about the wildlife and habitat of the refuge.

Please contact the refuge to schedule a program for your group. Reservations are required as space is limited.

Coyote Mentoring
The refuge works closely with the Ozark Tracker Society to host Coyote Mentoring workshops, an educational approach that applies 21st century technology to age-old indigenous techniques. In this model, the educational focus shifts to a model of “learn it, do it, model it, mentor it,” allowing nature to be the teacher.

For more information on the various educational programs offered on the refuge by the Ozark Tracker Society, please contact the non-profit organization or the refuge. 

Check back to this website for updates on environmental education programs and opportunities.

Mary & Murray Looney Education & Resource Center: A 1,200 square foot renovated cabin used for programs, training and as housing for guest researchers. The Center offers a full kitchen, new appliances, internet access, and lodging facilities. It is ideal for use by small groups (less than 25 people), as well as student and professional researchers.