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  • Permits

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    Activities that are allowed on Ouray Refuge without a permit include hiking, birdwatching, floating the Green River, and personal photography. Hunting and fishing are allowed on Ouray Refuge, but require a State license. All commercial activities require a Special Use Permit. Other non-commercial activities may need to be authorized through a Special Use Permit. See below for a list of these activities:

    • Commercial activities such as guiding hunters, anglers or other outdoor users 
    • Commercial filming (audio, video, and photographic products of a monetary value) 
    • Agriculture (haying, grazing, crop planting, logging, beekeeping, and other agricultural products) 
    • Trapping 
    • Research and monitoring activities by students, universities, or other non-FWS organizations 
    • Woodcutting 
    • Miscellaneous events (fishing tournaments, one-time events, other special events) 
    • Education activity 
    • Other (any activity not mentioned above) 

    Visit the National Wildlife Refuge System Web site for more information on Special Use Permits and to obtain the necessary forms. 

    For more detailed information, go to How to Obtain a PermitFAQs/Facts or Application Forms.

  • Fees

    Ouray National Wildlife Refuge does not charge an entrance fee.  See, the best things in life really are free!