Refuge Seeking Public Comment on Draft Hunt Plan


Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is seeking public comment through March 25, 2018 on plans to expand public hunting opportunities on refuge lands. Comments may be made mailed or emailed to the refuge. Copies of the plan are available at the refuge office or at the links below.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Complex (refuge) which includes the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, and Cedar Point National Wildlife Refuge is seeking comments from the public on a draft Compatibility Determination, Environmental Assessment, and Hunt Plan for the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

The proposed changes would increase the number of areas open to hunting to provide  more opportunities for hunters.  Some of the changes include regulation changes on areas already open to hunting, others changes would open refuge properties that had not been open to hunting before.  Some of these areas include newly acquired property.

To comment on the draft plan, environmental assessment, or compatibility determination you may download a copy at the links below and submit written comments by mail at Ottawa NWR, Attn: Eddy Pausch, 14000 West State Route 2, Oak Harbor, OH  43449 or via email to

 Ottawa NWRC Hunt Environmental Assessment Draft

Ottawa NWRC Hunting Compatibility Determination Draft

Ottawa NWRC Hunt Plan Draft

Ottawa NWRC Hunt Plan Appendices Draft