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The National Wildlife Refuge System is committed to building partnerships that encourage conservation and preservation of our natural and cultural resources. Partnerships with the Refuge System bring innovative approaches to solving land management and water disputes in the most environmentally protective manner. Scientifically-informed and technologically-based stewardship of our public lands, waters, wildlife and special places must be collaborative efforts between the Refuge System, other government agencies, and private organizations if conservation efforts are to succeed.

Partnerships with Oregon Islands NWR include:

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD)

Many of the larger segments of Oregon Islands NWR can be viewed from coastal State Parks, State Scenic Viewpoints, and numerous stretches of Oregon beach, all of which are managed by OPRD. Refuge staff work closely with OPRD to maintain visitor use facilities, develop interpretive programs, and recruit volunteers to provide interpretation to visitors at these sites. Visit the Oregon State Parks website here

Haystack Rock Awareness Program (HRAP)/Friends of Haystack Rock 

Founded in 1985, HRAP is a stewardship and environmental education program dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural resources and environs of Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach. Friends of Haystack Rock, formed in 2005, supports HRAP in its mission to inform the public of the fragile ecosystems within the Haystack Rock Marine Garden and adjacent Oregon Islands NWR. Learn more about HRAP.

Shoreline Education for Awareness (SEA)

An all-volunteer non-profit organization based in Bandon, SEA was founded in 1990 to increase public awareness and knowledge of the shoreline habitats and wildlife along the southern Oregon coast. SEA trains and recruits volunteer wildlife interpreters to serve at a variety of locations along the south coast, as well as offering numerous internships within the Refuge system. Learn more about SEA here.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area 

Refuge staff and BLM work together to preserve the wildlife resources at Yaquina Head and the nearby rocks within Oregon Islands NWR. Refuge volunteers provide interpretation throughout the summer; BLM staff ensure that sensitive habitats of Yaquina Head and Oregon Islands NWR are protected from visitor disturbance. Visit the Yaquina Head website here.