• Upcoming Events

    • The Wild Ohio!

      Longnose Garr 150x118
      There's more to this river than meets the eye! The life that thrives below the surface of the Ohio River is hard to see; it's easy to forget the river hosts a diverse community of organisms. What do they look like? How do they live? How are these mysterious organisms connected to the deep past, and what can we learn? These questions and more are explored as a refuge naturalist feeds the river's opportunistic inhabitants. It can be exciting to watch wildlife forage or hunt and feed! Learn More
    • Birds of a Feather; Take Flight on a Bird Walk!

      Morning Bird Walk
      As the seasons change, so do the birds! And many types of birds, from hummingbirds to Bald Eagles, can be seen on the Refuge. Now is the perfect time to learn together about our local resident and migratory birds! Learn More
    • Crafts for Cubs!

      Crafts for Cubs2 150x119
      Stop by the visitor center’s reading corner for a morning of nature crafts and stories! Every week will feature a different, unique activity! Materials will be provided to make an age-appropriate, nature-themed craft, followed by a reading of a classic children’s story such as The Lorax or The Rainbow Fish. Crafts and stories are targeted at ages preschool to second grade, but all ages are welcome. Learn More
    • It's in Your Nature!

      Damselfly - Credit Mike Williams
      The Ohio River and the adjacent lands are radiant with complex natural beauty; home to a multitude of insects, plants, amphibians, birds, and animals, all of them linked inextricably to create a single natural wonder! Join a refuge naturalist on this guided walk that is sure to teach you something new about the ecological splendor of the Refuge. Learn More
    • Summer Safari!

      Box Turtle 150x119
      Join Safari Phil on an adventure along the trails of the refuge in search of wildlife!  Every Tuesday at 9am we explore parts of the refuge looking for a different member of the wildlife community! Learn More
    • Junior Scientists!

      Pond Water Microscope 150x118
      Come see the world around you in a whole new way!  Be a refuge scientist for a day and learn about scientific methods, concepts and ideas through fun activities!  Each Junior Scientist session will cover a different theme. Learn More