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Volunteers working on the refuge - USFWS.


Close to 38,000 people volunteer with the US Fish and Wildlife Service annually. Wouldn't you like to be one of those individuals who help to conserve, manage, or protect our nation’s natural resources? Get involved by volunteering at one of your local National Wildlife Refuges and help us to protect some of America's greatest national treasures.

What do Occoquan Bay Volunteers do?

  • Volunteers help run the contact station, maintain the refuge, and support wildlife management. Assignments include:
  • Greeting visitors and providing information at the visitor contact station.
  • Assist staff with interpretative programs for the visiting public and groups
  • Taking part in special one-day events such as refuge clean-ups, public festivals, or special work projects.
  • Performing routine maintenance tasks such as trail maintenance and clearing.
  • Assist with wildlife and habitat management such as invasive plant mapping or surveys.

How much time is required?

  • You determine your own volunteer time.
  • Volunteers may help a few hours a week or month, during a particular season, or year round.

Who may volunteer?

  • No special skills are needed to be a refuge volunteer. However, some opportunities may require on-the-job training.
  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.

Where do I start?

Contact the Visitor Services Staff:

Rosalind Wu, Visitor Services Manager
703-490-4979 x 2016

Friends Group

The Friends of the Potomac River Refuges (FOPRR) was founded in 2002 as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization to promote conservation, awareness, and appreciation of the wildlife and habitats of the Potomac River National Wildlife Refuge Complex and to provide assistance to refuge programs. What does FOPRR do? Members assist refuge staff with organizing and staffing events. Serve as advocates for the Potomac River Refuges and the National Wildlife Refuge System. Assist with refuge community awareness, outreach, and conservation efforts. And support opportunities to take action in preserving the wildlife in our community. To find out more about FOPRR visit

Last Updated: Feb 29, 2016
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