Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

Maps and Handouts


  • The refuge is open to the public, however bathrooms are closed.

Know Before You Go

  • Summer - Hot and humid. Drink fluids and use sunscreen while engaging in refuge activities. 
  • Spring and Fall - Mild and pleasant.
  • Winter - mild with occasional cold, blustery winds across meadows and off the river.
  • Biting Insects – Use repellent when hiking during from April to October to deter mosquitoes, and biting flies.
  • Ticks - Avoid walking through tall grasses and stay on trails. Ticks may transmit disease; visitors are encouraged to check for ticks following a visit. 
  • Poison Ivy - All parts of the three leafed plant may result in skin rashes 
  • Northern copperhead – To avoid the venomous snake, stay out of high grass and watch your step on trails.

Point of Interest

The Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge provides 642 acres of opportunity for the visiting public to participate in wildlife dependent recreation. Opportunities include Wildlife Observation, Wildlife Photography, Hunting, Interpretation and Environmental Education. Chat with volunteers about the season’s visiting wildlife and upcoming events or programs at our Visitor Contact Station, open weekends. View wildlife via foot, bike or vehicle on established roads, trails, and auto tour routes designed to accommodate such uses. Use our interpretative kiosks and information booths to help you choose a trail or route for exploration. Capture habitat and wildlife images at our photo blind on Marumsco Creek or observation platform overlooking the Potomac River. Occoquan Bay NWR offers something for every visitor!

Hours of Operation

Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge is open year-round, including federal holidays, from 7AM - 5PM October 1- March 31 and 7AM-7PM from April 1 - September 30. Staff temporarily closes the refuge during managed deer hunts in December and January. Call the headquarters office or check this website for scheduled closures.