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Resource Management

Platydesma cornuta flowerThe primary management focus for this refuge is on removing and/or controlling the threats caused from invasive plant species. Nonnative plants compete for space, light, water, and nutrients and can create habitat unsuitable for native species.  

Other invasive problems include nonnative birds that eat food and occupy nesting areas needed by native bird species; and rats that eat the fruit and bark of native plants, prey on birds as well as their eggs and nestlings, and are major predators of endangered pūpū kani oe. Feral pigs contribute to the avian malaria threat to native birds by creating additional mosquito breeding sites in the depressions or wallows they create. Feral pigs also dig up and destroy native plants and opportunistically eat native wildlife. 
Page Photo Credits — Susan Ching
Last Updated: Sep 03, 2013
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