Northwest Montana Wetland Management District (Lake County)

The National Bison Range Complex, including the Northwest Montana Wetland Management District (Lake County), has not yet started its Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) process. Check back for a time line, progress reports, drafts, comment periods and contacts.

Comprehensive Conservation Plans – CCP


The US Fish and Wildlife Service prepare comprehensive conservation plans for national wildlife refuges and wetland management districts to help fulfill the mission of the Refuge System and manage for the purposes of each refuge and district. Each 15-year comprehensive conservation plan identifies issues, goals, objectives, and strategies for management of a refuge, refuge complex, district, or district complex. The plan describes a vision for the area and gives the refuge or district manager a blueprint for management. The plan also provides you with a clear picture of what we intend to do for wildlife protection, habitat management, and visitor services.

The Division of Refuge Planning in Region 6 works with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staffs, partners, and the public to prepare comprehensive conservation plans for every national wildlife refuge and wetland management district in the Mountain–Prairie Region. Check out the link to the Regional website to see if a plan is available for your favorite Montana Refuge.

National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act

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The National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 defines a unifying mission for all refuges, including a process for determining compatible uses on refuges, and requiring that each refuge be managed according to a Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP). The NWRS Improvement Act expressly states that wildlife conservation is the priority of System lands and that the Secretary shall ensure that the biological integrity, diversity, and environmental health of refuge lands are maintained. Each refuge must be managed to fulfill the specific purposes for which the refuge was established and the System mission. The first priority of each refuge is to conserve, manage, and if needed, restore fish and wildlife populations and habitats according to its purpose.