Bartram's Hairstreak Butterfly

Strymon acis bartrami
The endangered Bartram’s scrub hairstreak is a small butterfly found only in south Florida and the lower Keys. It is physically distinguishable from other hairstreaks by the two white dots on the underside of its hindwings. It can be found primarily within pine rockland habitats that contain its sole host plant, pineland croton. Adults use this plant as a source of nectar and as a location to lay their eggs. Pine rockland sections in Everglades National Park and the Refuge have been drastically reduced by development and lack of prescribed burning, and now only relatively small fragments remain. Because of their close ties to the croton and pine rockland, Batram’s scrub hairstreaks are severely threatened by these changes to their habitat.

Facts About Bartram's Hairstreak Butterfly

The caterpillars feed exclusively on the leaves and flower buds of the pineland croton plants.

The Bartram’s hairstreak is now only found in two locations: National Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key and Long Pine Key within Everglades National Park.