Hurricane Irma Science Updates


The Florida Keys Refuges have been working tirelessly to find funding and collaborate with partners to conduct post-hurricane habitat and population assessments of our many imperiled species and habitats.  Here are some highlights of the work so far:  

  • Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit

    marsh rabbit teaser pic

    We partnered with Texas A&M University to conduct a post-hurricane population assessment of the Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit.  Check out the final report:


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  • Great White Heron


    Through a partnership with Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI), we were able to complete a post-hurricane assessment of the Great White Heron population in the Lower Keys.  Check out ARCI's final report:

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  • Key Deer


    We funded a rapid post-hurricane assessment of the Key deer population on Big Pine Key and No Name Key, which was conducted by Texas A&M University.  Check out the final report:

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  • Pine Rockland Health

    Pine rockland 150px

    With funding from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, we have partnered with Florida International University and the Institute for Regional Conservation to conduct rapid post-hurricane assessments and habitat restoration work in the imperiled pine rocklands of the Lower Keys.  Check back for updates on this exciting work.

  • Miami Blue Butterfly

    MBB 150px

    Our partners at the University of Florida have been conducting post-hurricane assessments of the Miami blue butterfly population.  Updates will be coming soon.

  • Bartram's Scrub-hairstreak Butterfly

    butterfly teaser pic

    Our partners at North Carolina State University received funding to conduct post-hurricane assessments of pineland croton, the host plant for Bartram's scrub-hairstreak butterfly.  Stay tuned for updates.