• Special Use Permits


    The National Elk Refuge issues permits for a variety of activities. Most commercial uses require special use permits, including film crews and guided excursions. The policy for commercial filming and the policy for commercially guided trips are available here and outline the process and regulations for interested applicants.

    A minimum of five business days is required to request a permit. Permits may be denied due to lack of available staff to process or monitor the requested activity.

    If you are interested in obtaining a special use permit to operate on the National Elk Refuge, please fill in the appropriate special use permit application: Commercial Use (photography workshops, wildlife viewing tours, commercial filming, etc.); Research and Monitoring (biological work, geological monitoring, etc.); or General Use (all other).


    • Passes


      A series of passes covers the entrance and standard amenity fees charged for using federal recreational lands – including national wildlife refuges. Passes can be obtained at the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center. A variety of federal lands passes are available, including annual passes and those for Seniors and members of the military. 

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    • Hunting Permits


      Both bison and elk populations are managed through refuge hunt programs. Permits specific to each hunt are required and are obtained online for those that have a valid State license.

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