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Bison Range Complex Volunteer Opportunities

Young volunteers serve cake at National Wildlife Refuge System 100th anniversary celebration.  Photo by Pat Jamieson, USFWS

Would you like to help out at the National Bison Range?  Would you like to learn new things, try new experiences? Or use your skills to support your National Wildlife Refuge.? A variety of volunteer opportunities exist at the National Bison Range Complex, depending on the time of year and projects pending.  Go to the links to check out further details of the posting to see if it is a fit for you. We appreciate you considering a volunteer position with us.

Volunteer opportunities include a variety of programs and duties.  Some require short term time commitments, some longer, some are for special events, others for season-long activities.  Check out details at the posted volunteer descriptions.

We appreciate your interest in Volunteering at the National Bison Range.

Volunteer opportunities for the Bison Range: click on item for further details.
Visitor Services  Maintenance Administration and Office
Prairie Renovation


Let us know your interests and time availability.  Fill out and send us the attached Volunteer Sign Up sheet, or a resume to: 

Laura King
National Bison Range
58355 Bison Range Road
Moiese, MT 59824
406-644-2211 extension 207



Last Updated: Feb 09, 2017
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