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Yellow Pine Chipmunk

Tamias amoenus
Chipmunk on log, face view.  Photo by Paul Bolstad, University of Minnesota,
This small chipmunk prefers open dry forest or brushy areas to live and they are particularly common along the forest edge found in Elk Lane up to the area at the Bitterroot Trail. They are opportunistic foragers, feeding primarily on seeds but will eat insects and birds eggs. They are very busy gathering and storing food during the fall as they are too small to hibernate for the full winter and must wake periodically to feed. So it is possible to see them moving around on sunny, warm days in the winter. 

Facts About Yellow Pine Chipmunk

0.1 pounds
A wide variety of seeds and pine nuts, insects and bird eggs
2-3 years
Breeds early to mid-April
Young (1 litter of 4-5), born May
Forested areas in Elk Lane and by Bitterroot Trail 
Page Photo Credits — Chipmunk. ©Paul Bolstad, University of Minnesota,
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2013
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