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Pronghorn Antelope

Antilocapra americana
Closeup view of Pronghorn antelope buck.  Photo by James C Leupold/USFWS

A beautiful tan and white animal, it can resemble the antelope of Africa. However, pronghorn are not related to antelope; they are unique to North America and are more closely related to goats and sheep. Lewis and Clark had it right when they called them “prairie goats.”

The fastest of all land mammals of North America, these animals can reach speeds of 60 mph. Because they need open areas to use their speed to avoid predators, pronghorn are found in the open grasslands of the Refuge, particularly in Alexander Basin and around Antelope Hills. 

Facts About Pronghorn Antelope

Male 125-155 pounds
Female 115-130 pounds
Forbs (flowering plants
14 years
Breeds August-September
Young (2) born in May
Any time of day in open grasslands, particularly Alexander Basin 
Last Updated: Feb 05, 2013
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