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Canis latrans
Side view of coyote in snowy field.  Photo by J Schmidt/NPS
The fluffy gray and tan coat of a coyote will frequently make the animal seem larger than they are and so can be mistaken for wolves. Coyotes have a pointy nose and larger ears than a wolf and typically carry their tail down. To learn about other distinguishing marks between these canines, check out the website at the California Wolf Center.

Coyotes live and hunt throughout the Bison Range and are most seen early morning or late evening. Listen for their high pitched, yapping calls. 

Facts About Coyote

20-50 pounds
Carnivore – will eat almost anything
18 years
Breeds in February
Young (1-12) born April/May
Early mornings, evenings, mainly in grasslands 
Page Photo Credits — Coyote by J Schmidt/NPS.
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2013
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