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Bighorn Sheep

Ovis canadensis
Side view of bighorn sheep ram in autumn grassland.  Photo by Pat Jamieson/USFWS
Bighorn sheep are not always visible along the scenic drives since they live mostly along the south side of the Bison Range, in steep rocky places. The ewes seek out these hard-to-get-to places to keep their lambs safe from predators. Watch from Highway 200 to catch a glimpse most times of the year.

However, the gray, curly-horned rams (males) can sometimes be seen along the hiking the trail to High Point. The best time to see them is during hot summer days as they rest in the shade of trees.

Facts About Bighorn Sheep

Male 300-325 pounds
Female 125-150 pounds
Browser (bushes) and grazer (grass)
15 years
Breeds November
Young (1 lamb) born in May
Sunny days near High Point and along switchbacks on east side 
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2013
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