Taxidea taxus
Badger laying outside den.  Photo by Pat Jamieson/USFWS
It takes sharp eyes to see this low riding predator of the prairies as they tend to be shorter than the prairie grasses. The best time of year to see them is in early spring before the grasses get too tall. Also watch for them in early morning and late evening.

Unless they are in a den with young, badgers frequently move their resting spots. They can easily dig one wherever they are since badgers can dig faster than a man with a shovel. Their short build belies the power in their legs and, along with long broad claws, uses them to dig up prey such as ground squirrels. They will also pounce on rodents above ground much as a cat does. 

Facts About Badger

13-25 pounds
Carnivore – small rodents, reptiles, birds
10 years
July/August (delayed implantation)
Young (1-5) born March
Rarely seen because of short stature, look in grasslands in early mornings and evenings