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Winter Drive Open to Two-Way Traffic

Elk in Mssn Crk.512x219 in Visitor ActivitiesTo take advantage of great wildlife viewing opportunities along Mission Creek during the fall, we have opened the Winter Drive to two-way traffic starting after Labor Day.

Wildlife viewing along Mission Creek can be spectacular throughout the fall, especially during the elk mating season. The male elk will “bugle”, defining and defending their territory. White-tail deer also frequent the creek bottom. And gold begins to color the cottonwood as the weather gets cooler.

To promote viewing along Mission Creek, the Service has opened the Winter Drive to two-way traffic after Labor Day. This allows for access to the creek from either direction (coming off the one-way Red Sleep Mountain Drive or “backwards” from the Visitor Center area).

Please drive cautiously, particularly along Mission Creek where the road narrows and is curvy. Be courteous of other visitors by pulling off to the side of the road when viewing wildlife. Remember to stay at your vehicle at all times along this route – walking away from you vehicle is prohibited. And to reduce disturbance to elk and other wildlife, use of calls (such as elk bugling) is also prohibited.

Do not travel past the Do Not Enter signs posted at the end of the Winter Drive. This is located at the base of the switchbacks at turnaround point.  
Last Updated: Sep 02, 2014
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