Bighorn Sheep Research

Ovis canadensis
Researcher Jack Hogg in field with spotting scope and bighorn sheep ewe group in background with red fall foliage on bushes.  Photo by Erick Greene, University of Montana
Jack Hogg and his group have been studying the National Bison Range bighorn sheep herd for over 30 years. This long term study has given managers information about population, behavior, diet, areas utilized and, particularly, genetics. Check out the paper on Genetic rescue of an insular population of large mammals.

Dr Hogg has been talking with Dr Jon Byers, pronghorn antelope researcher from the University of Idaho, to form a collaboration to study climate change impacts on lambing and fawning. He also worked with filmmaker Jeremy Roberts, Conservation Media on a short video talking about such impacts (click here to view the 9-minute video - Peak to Peak). 

Facts About Bighorn Sheep Research


Dr. Jack Hogg, President and Research Biologist

Montana Conservation Science Institute
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