Pronghorn Antelope Research

Antilocapra americana
Research being conducted on female Pronghorn antelope by John Byers and graduate student Patryce Wiseman.  Photo NBR/USFWS

John Byers is an animal behaviorist primarily interested in behavioral development, play, sexual selection and female mate choice and has maintained a study of a population of pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) on the National Bison Range in western Montana since 1981. He and graduate students have conducted numerous studies.  Projects now underway are measurement of costs and benefits of female mate choice and evaluation of the fitness consequences of inbreeding in the population. Follow the link for more information about Dr. Byers as well as listings of his research and publications.


Built for Speed
by John A. Byers
2003, Harvard University Press

American Pronghorn: Social Adaptations & the Ghosts of Predators Past
by John A. Byers
1997, University of Chicago Press, Chicago
Wildlife Society 1998 Book of the Year Award


Pronghorn Research Solves Decades-Old Evolutionary Controversy
By Tara Roberts

Q&A: Stacey Dunn chases pronghorn fawns up Bateman’s slope

Bateman in Nature: Predation on Offspring Reduces the Potential for Sexual Selection
John Byers*, Stacey Dunn

Facts About Pronghorn Antelope Research


Dr. John Byers, Professor

Byers Lab
Department of Biological Sciences
Room 343, Life Sciences Building
University of Idaho
P.O. Box 443051
Moscow, ID 83844-3051
Lab Phone: (208) 885-7569
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