About the Complex

Map of northwestern Montana showing units in National Bison Range complex.  Image by USFWS

The National Bison Range Complex consists four National Wildlife Refuges and a Wetland Management District. The different units are scattered throughout the Flathead, Mission and Pleasant Valleys and include open water and open grasslands, cliff tops and tree tops, pine groves and aspen groves. Together these areas contain hundreds of species of grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees. These diverse habitats in turn support myriads of wildlife from meadow voles to mountain lions. We hope you get a chance to visit many of these wonderful places. 

To report a violation on the National Bison Range Complex, call:
• Headquarters at 406-644-2211 Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
• Lake County Dispatch at 406-883-7301 after hours or on weekends.

National Bison Range Office:
Mailing/Physical Address:
National Bison Range
58355 Bison Range Road
Moiese, MT 59824
Main phone - 406/644-2211
FAX 406/644-2661

Visitor Information Desk, ext. 201
General Phone, ext. 0
VACANT, Project Leader, ext. 204 (remove email link)
Amy Lisk, Wildlife Biologist, ext. 217
Refuge Officer, ext. 209
Darren Thomas, Maintenance, 406/644-2228
Brent Woodger, Maintenance, 406/644-2228
Marlin McDonald, Fire, ext. 202
Karen Shoemaker, Budget Analyst, ext. 206
Dean Vaughan, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, ext. 208

Lost Trail NWR Office:
Mailing/Physical Address:
Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge
6295 Pleasant Valley Road
Marion, MT 59925
Main phone – 406/858-2216
FAX 406/858-2218

Kevin Shinn, Manager, 406/858-2442
Beverly Skinner, Biologist, 406/858-2286