About the Refuge

Seal - Amanda Boyd/USFWS.

Nantucket National Wildlife Refuge is located at the very tip of the Coskata-Coatue Peninsula, in an area known as Great Point. This area encompasses both the refuge and parts of the adjacent The Trustees land above the area known as The Galls. The refuge constitutes approximately 21 acres on the northernmost tip of the peninsula. A third conservation organization, the NCF, owns both the Coatue Wildlife Refuge and The Haulover, found south of TTOR’s Coskata Refuge. Within the landholdings of these three organizations on Coskata-Coatue, there lies an extremely diverse assemblage of habitats, and though we focus on Nantucket NWR, we must incorporate discussion of these lands as well to provide the appropriate landscape context. Many species may be seen on or near the refuge, but in fact breed in habitats provided on these adjacent lands, and vice versa.

Eastern Massachusetts National Wildlife Refuge Complex brochure (pdf)