Rules and Regulations

Muscatatuck NWR Rules and Regulations Sign

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge is open one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset seven days/week, and the gate closes automatically. Vehicles are allowed only on hard-surfaced roads, and off-road vehicle use is not permitted. Pets must be kept on a leash, and no access is allowed in areas marked with “Closed Area” signs.

Hunting and fishing are permitted in certain areas of the refuge marked with "Public Hunting Area" and "Public Fishing Area" signs.   Refuge regulations may be somewhat different than State regulations.   Leaflets with a complete list of rules are available at a kiosk at the refuge entrance gate and at the Office and Visitor Center.   

No collecting of historical items or artifacts is permitted on the refuge.   Edible mushrooms, nuts, fruits, and berries may be collected for personal use only (not for sale).   The collecting of shed deer antlers is permitted, again for personal use only.   For more information