Visitor Activities

Paul's Lake / USFWS

Come out and enjoy Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge!

Wildlife Watching and Nature Trails 

Nature Trail (.25 miles)
The grasslands along this trail have never seen a plow and look the same today as they have for hundreds of years. Grasslands are especially important for pollinators, migratory birds and reptiles, all of which you might see on this trail located near the campgrounds.

As its name implies, this trail is along one of the refuge’s three playa lake, a sink-type lake completely dependent on rainfall. When water is present, the Paul’s Lake trail offers excellent opportunities to enjoy views of sandhill cranes and waterfowl. When dry, visitors might catch a glimpse of by Mule deer and blue quail. This trail has public restrooms.

The campground and visitor center are currently closed to protect public safety. Please contact the refuge for more information.
Primitive camp sites are available and free of charge. Sites include picnic tables, fire pits and restroom facilities. There is no potable water. National Wildlife Refuges are for wildlife so please be sure and take all of your trash with you.

Wildlife Photography
The vast, open landscape offers amazing views and opportunities to capture images of the refuge’s changing colors, prairie wildlife and habitat. The most impressive colors and best times to see and photograph wildlife are early in the morning and late in the evening.